Safety Advisors/Officers

Our Occupational Health and Safety Consultants are available to assist you and your Business with your workplace health and safety needs, reducing the risk and helping you meet the OHS laws.


Safety Advisors/Consultants

Our consultants are available to work onsite to the perform the Safety Advisor role, available to work in a full or part-time capacity and on short or long term placements.


Workplace inspections and audits

Safety Auditing is critical to efficient health and safety management systems.

Systematic, documented review of your systems, procedures, and work practices, which should verify their compliance with the requirements of your WHS Management System and its effective implementation.

Thorough safety audits identify gaps in your system, creating the opportunity to plan corrective actions, close out the gaps, and continuously improve your processes.


Developing and reviewing OHS Management Systems

Ensure your Business has a systematic approach to how it manages occupational health and safety and that your Business is compliant with the relevant OHS legislation.