Medical Services

High Risk Management Solutions supply Event Medic and Paramedic personnel and associated equipment to high and low risk events. Prior to engagement, High Risk Management Solutions meets with the client to conduct a needs analysis and merges the client’s emergency management system and our own emergency response plans to ensure seamless integration.


Paramedics/Emergency Services Officers

If you need trained and experienced medical and rescue staff for projects, we have access to quality emergency personnel with remote location experience. Our team of medical and rescue staff are waiting to be deployed across Australia to service your business needs.

Our teams integrate seamlessly with existing emergency management systems and are experienced.


Aeromedical Evacuation and Retrieval:

With access to both rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft, HRMS can ensure patients get the most effective treatment no matter the location. We can provide dedicated aeromedical fixed wing jet aircraft able to fly distances of up to 2100 nautical miles (3700kms) in a single sector, with speeds of 420knots (750kms/hr) at up to 45,000 feet. As a result, patients are able to receive the treatment they require in a shorter period of time reducing secondary complication due to the delay in receiving definitive care.

All aircrafts are equipped to ICU standards with patients accompanied by a Critical Care team comprising Flight Doctor, Flight Nurse, Flight Paramedic to suit patient acuity needs.

With the excellent combination of sophisticated aircraft and high quality of treatment, evacuation, retrieval or repatriation of patients from locations anywhere in the world gives our customers peace of mind.