Rescue Services

High Risk Management Solutions supply Rescue Services with associated equipment to high risk workplaces activities.  Some of these high risk activities include entering a confined space, working at heights, hotworks, and HAZMAT. Prior to engagement, High Risk Management Solutions meets with the client to conduct a needs analysis and merges the client’s emergency management system and HRMS Emergency Response Plans to ensure seamless integration. The Team Leader will create an Emergency Response Plan, to be issued to the work group along with their applicable Permit to Work for high risk task. Our Team have the appropriate training and experience as Permit Officers and all of the staff for High Risk Management Solutions have the capability to perform dual roles.  These plans will be thoroughly understood not only by the Emergency Response Team, but also the work team. In the case of an emergency, this ensures all parties are briefed and understand their role to work together to effectively raise the alarm and respond to an emergency.

A Rescue Services team have a minimum of one qualified medic on site at all times, qualified with either a Cert IV in Health Care or a Paramedical Sciences degree as part of the team as a standard. With the Medic Rescuer equipped with advanced medical response skills, equipment and medications (such as Morphine and Adrenaline), they are able to provide treatment at the point of contact with the patient. This is different to other providers that provide treatment at the point of recovery. This point of difference ensures improved patient outcomes.