High Risk Management

High Risk Work Management Solutions offer a range of systems for managing high risk work within many different industries, including defence, commercial ship building and construction. High risk work includes, but is not limited to, any tasks involving confined space entry, working at heights, hot works, and HAZMAT. We work with our clients to establish specific requirements and outline a work scope to assist us in designing customised management solutions.

High Risk Management Solutions have the capability to effectively manage the risk of high risk work through the implementation of a permit management system, run by our highly trained competent High Risk Coordinators and Permit Officers. Our team aim to provide a simple, yet very effective, management system to ease the burden and liability of our clients to ensure compliance, safety and effectiveness in completing high risk work. We are able to provide personnel to conduct Gas tests, Sentry for Confined spaces, and Hotworks.

High Risk Management Solutions conduct internal audits which thoroughly assess the effectiveness and efficiency of currently implemented safety systems. With a strong team of Auditors, from a wide background and knowledge of different safety management systems, High Risk Management Solutions aim to offer advice which will mitigate risk, and greatly reduce in all areas where it cannot be completely eliminated by identifying and implementing control measures. Within our team we have a number of experienced Health and Safety Advisors which may be utilised to help ensure compliance on all levels, including our Management System, our client’s internal processes, procedures, Australian standards and Legislation.